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The Tele-Reading

What is a Tele-Reading?

A Tele-Reading is private session with Kevin Ryerson, for one person, by phone. The appointment lasts approximately ninety minutes. The first part is spent in conversation with Kevin. The next part is the channeling. At this time Kevin enters into the channeling state and you will be speaking directly with Spirit. This is not a passive process. You will be engaged in a very lively conversation with Spirit. The information that comes through the channeling state is in direct response to your questions. Your questions may explore many diverse areas including past lives, interpersonal relationships, career direction, personal expression, philosophical issues, personal health and well being, spiritual guidance and analysis of future events. Due to the clarity of information an appointment is a valuable tool for personal transformation, detailed research, scientific inquiries and as a business enhancement. The length of the channeling depends on the number, clarity, quality, and sincerity of the inquiries. The average channeling lasts approximately thirty minutes. Each client is unique and each session is unique. Therefore, the session length will vary from client to client.

How is a Tele-Reading Conducted?

You telephone Kevin for your session. You may record the channeling portion of your appointment for your personal use.

When can I have a Tele-Reading?

The sessions are available throughout the year. The appointments times are 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM California Time. The fee for the Tele-Reading is $275.

How do I schedule a Tele-Reading?

Call, email or fax and let us know:

(1) How did you originally heard about Kevin and his work?
(2) Have you read his book Spirit Communication: The Soul’s Path?
(3) Have you attended an event taught by Kevin?
(4) Have you previously had an appointment with Kevin?
(5) Have you read and understood the Tele-Reading description and application and agree to the terms?
(6) Briefly, why you want an appointment?
(7) Your first, second and third choice for an appointment day and time from the currently available appointments. See Events Calendar.

Print out the application, complete it, and fax it and the above information to Kevin Ryerson & COMPANY 206-781-4489.

Your answers to the above appointment scheduling questions must accompany your Tele-Reading application.

Appointment Confirmation and Payment

The full fee and the completed application are required at the time your appointment is booked. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and money orders. You will be sent a confirmation email. It will include the phone number and the date and time you are to call Kevin for your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds and the appointment is nontransferable due to the limited availability and the specialized nature of these sessions.

Apply for a Tele-Reading with Kevin

Updated 11/2011


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